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We are  breeders of the most gentle, sweet natured pig that almost became extinct. Kune Kune, pronounced cooney, cooney



Pig farmers

We are John and Necia Cerveny. Cerveny, meaning "Red" in Czech. We have a small farm on 7 acres in Northeast Ohio. We started with two Miniature Donkeys Captain Jack Sparrow, named for Johns favorite character and Lindy.   We have chickens and ducks, mainly Muscovey. They are very docile in nature, and quiet. John had mentioned getting pigs for the longest time which made me start to research them. Somehow I stumble on a site talking about Kunekunes, The Polynesian word “KuneKune” means 'fat, round'. and I immediately wanted to know more. Learning that these beautiful gentle pigs were at one time on the verge of extinction was quite surprising.  I continued to find more information on these furry, and adorable pigs. Facebook has many groups for Kunekune members and enthusiasts. After joining many of these groups we decided these were for our farm. Not only were they able to live in the barn they are gentle grazers, furry, come  in different colors and coat patterns. The docile nature of they have will get hooked the second you meet one.


I feel like I am missing something....they are so much fun and so little work.....why doesn't everyone have a Kunekune?? Rebecca S.

I am so in love with my girls, and when they see me they come running for love and attention..

You just cannot have one! John C



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